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Welcome to Wellthyme Clinic, Your Premier Anti-Aging & Wellness Centre in Pattaya

"Improving Men’s Health and Performance."

providing a patient- center approach, addressing the whole person rather than just the medical condition in order to improve physical and quality of life. Our goals are to offer the best possible care with regard to the improvement of your overall health and daily performance, and to do it in the most efficient manner possible.

We value the patient-provider relationship and put medical ethics ahead of lofty financial goals.


Low levels of testosterone, also called low T levels, can produce a variety of symptoms in men

Want to find out more about Male Hormone Replacement therapy, why not start by taking our anonymous “Could I have low Testosterone?” quiz.

Services that we offer

Testosterone Replacement Therapy
Testosterone Replacement Therapy
Bio Identical Hormones
Bio-identical Hormones Replacement
Medical Uses Of Cannabis
Medical Uses of Cannabis
Health Check Up
Health check-up
Weight Management Program
Weight management program
Sexual Dysfunction
Sexual dysfunction and erectile dysfunction
Vitamin Iv Therapy
Vitamin Iv Therapy
Chelation Therapy
Chelation therapy
Medical Certification
Medical certification

Wellness and Anti-Ageing Clinic, Pattaya

Wellthyme is a holistic health center and wellness clinic based in Pattaya, Thailand. Our clinic was established to prevent and protect against illness and to improve overall health and performance in everyday life. We also provide anti-aging treatments that help reduce the effects that are seen and felt as the body grows older.

Low levels of testosterone hormones are one such factor that starts to effect physical performance. The reduction in these hormones can lead to decreased sex drive, less energy, weight gain, feelings of depression and more. But, you don’t have to let these symptoms take over. Our team can help with a free evaluation and hormone replacement therapy if your results show you’re in need.

Services We Provide

Wellthyme provides a patient-centric approach and offers a personalised service to all its clients. If you’re not sure which treatment you need, contact us for a free consultation. The main services we provide, include:
  • Health checkup. Blood test and physical examination to help with the early detection of diseases.
  • Anti-aging treatments. Hormones naturally decline for men and women as they age. We can test your hormone levels and provide testosterone replacement therapy and bioidentical hormone replacement treatments when needed.
  • Weight management. Our experts can work with you to reduce and manage your weight with a personalised diet and exercise plan.
  • Wellness treatments. Vitamin IV therapy and chelation therapy will help restore your energy and vitality.
  • Sexual dysfunction. Get help and treatment for sexual health related issues.

Client testimonials

Take some time to read through these testimonials to see what some

of our patients think of us and our services.

Great place to get NAD+ stem cell

Great place to get NAD+ stem cell and other wellness services I have been here since they open and keep coming back. Highly recommended

Nathan Maden

Thank you very much for the nice service

Hello. Thank you very much for the nice service. I think that the therapy will be successful and I will be happy to inform you about it. I cordially greet the Doctor and the entire team of the clinic.

Peter from Poland

Thank you very much for your professional

Thank you very much for your professional analysis and explanation.

Douglas White

He is very Knowledgeable about your needs

He is very Knowledgeable about your needs. Please go visit him if you have any questions cause he will help you tremendously

Mark Pacchiano

Excellent service

Excellent service, staff are always happy to help🙏 I recommend to everyone.


Good, Thanks

I won’t see you for a few months but I wanted to be sure to say thank you to you and your staff for always taking good care of me. Thank you and see you when I return!


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Please feel free to contact us about any queries you may have about Testosterone Replacement Therapies or any of the services we provide.