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    • Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy in Pattaya, Thailand

      Wellthyme is a testosterone HRT clinic based in Pattaya, Thailand. We work with men and body builders who start to notice the symptoms of low testosterone levels, also known as T levels.  As you get older, the body goes through various changes, one of which is a reduced production of the hormone testosterone.

      Testosterone is a major sex hormone that has an important number of roles in the body. A few of which are the development of the sexual organs and deepening of the voice in young males during puberty. And, as males age, testosterone plays a role in the production of body hair, muscle size, bone growth, sex drive and sperm production.

      Testosterone Chemical
      Testosterone Production With Age

      Signs of Low Testosterone Levels

      As the body ages, you may notice a few changes. It’s thought that around one in five men aged 50 – 70 experience low testosterone levels (hypogonadism). Some signs this may be happening to you include:

      • Lowered sex drive
      • Reduction in energy
      • Feeling depressed or anxious
      • Loss of enthusiasm
      • Weight gain around the stomach

      What is a Healthy Testosterone Level?

      The brain and testicles work together to keep your testosterone levels within a normal range. If your levels drop, the brain signals to the testicles to make more. With age, some men cannot bring their testosterone levels up to a normal range again, which is where testosterone replacement therapy can help. If you think you may have low testosterone, the Wellthyme clinic can provide a free test and consultation to find out for sure.

      Testosterone Replacement Therapy


      Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

      Testosterone replacement therapy involves a series of injections, pellets, patches or gels to improve the signs and symptoms of low testosterone. The benefits include:

      • Improved memory
      • Increased muscle mass and strength
      • Can alleviate depression
      • Enhanced libido and erection quality
      • Improved bone density
      • Better sleep quality
      • Reduced risk of heart disease
      • May increase lifespan

      Contact the Wellthyme Clinic Today for a Free Consultation

      Want more information on testosterone replacement therapy? Contact the testosterone HRT clinic at Wellthyme today for a free consultation.


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